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There have been a lot of great, great scenes that have come out of Smallville in the last eight seasons, but to me, known will ever beat this one. It's most of the reason why Chloe Sullivan is my favorite fictional character of all time, and it's basically the entire reason I love Clark and Chloe's friendship as much as I do. They'd be hard pressed to better than this, I think.

CHLOE: I wonder who's more freaked out right now: me, knowing I'm in a hospital where they get their medicine via dogsled, or you, finally finding out I know your secret.
CLARK: How long have you known?
CHLOE: I guess I've always had my suspicions. The quick exits, the miraculous recoveries, the lame excuses, but I think when I saw you catch a car like it was a beach ball, that kinda confirmed everything.
CLARK: Why didn't you say anything?
CHLOE: I figured if you wanted to tell me you were part of the super power persausion, you would when you were ready. On your terms; not on mine.
CLARK: You're a good friend, Chloe.
CHLOE: Obviously not good enough.
CLARK: There were so many times I wanted to tell you.
CHLOE: Clark, I don't blame you. Loose lips sink ships and God knows I've sunk my share of floatilas. What about Lana? Does she know?
CHLOE: Well, I want you to know, I'll never be the iceberg to your Titanic, and your secret will never ever leave my lips. No matter what.
CLARK: I appreciate that.

CHLOE: There's still a few blind spots though. LIke, how did we get beamed from the Kawatche cave to the North Pole? And, what was really going on in that forty story igloo?
CLARK: Look, Chloe, there's a lot of things about me that even I don't understand. The meteor rocks--they didn't make me the way I am.
CHLOE: So, you're saying you were born this way?
CLARK: I wasn't born anywhere near Smallville. In fact, I wasn't born anywhere near this galaxy.
CHLOE: Okay...okay...so that would make you an...
CLARK: Yeah.
CHLOE:But you...you look so...
CLARK: Human?
Chloe stares at him.
CLARK: I'm still the same person.
CHLOE: Clark --I think you're so amazing. You save people's lives and take zero credit for it. To me, you're more than just a hero. You're a super hero.
CLARK: Chloe--
CHLOE: I'm serious, Clark. If more humans were like you, the world would be a better place.

Then their attention is drawn to the TV. The news is playing silently. The meteor shower is featured. Clark turns up the volume.
ANCHORMAN:...what scientists are describing as a rare astronomical event, Smallville, Kansas was hit by the second meteor shower in sixteen years, kililing twenty-three people and injuring scores of others.

The damaged Kent Farm is shown.
CLARK: They didn't get out. My parents didn't get out.
CHLOE: Smallville needs you more than I do Clark. Go. Go!
Clark super speeds away, Chloe has to still her vibrating cup of water.

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Next I think will be Doctor Who. Or Merlin. Or Star Wars.

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