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So this is probably my favorite scene so far in Merlin. The end of the finale, yeah. (And it's not even Merlin/Arthur *gasp*!) But really. I think this scene is incredibly important for Merlin's character - notice how completely different he is here than anywhere else in the rest of the series. He's totally badass. Merlin's not usually a BAMF. And Gaius is made of epic win (and they discuss how he ~betrayed his friends during the Purge, which I''m quite anxious to get more backstory on) and Nimueh's kickass even if she loses and OH MY GOD, THEY COULD NOT HAVE FOUND A MORE PERFECT PLACE TO FILM THE ISLE OF THE BLESSED. Making this has been such a pleasure, simply because it's gorgeous. And take note of Colin Morgan (Merlin). He's really a great actor and that comes across here; he's woefully underappreciated so far.

MERLIN: Gaius?
He looks around and sees a letter addressed to him.
GAIUS: (in voiceover) Dear Merlin, my life is already near to its end. There has, for the most part, been very little purpose to it. Very little that will be remembered. In contrast, Merlin, your life is destined for greatness. Live by the tenants I have taught you and I believe you will in time become the greatest warlock ever. To have known you has been my greatest pleasure and to sacrifice myself for you is but an honor. You are, and always will be, the son I never had.

This is the bit where I started to be all HELL NO THEY'RE NOT KILLING GAIUS! THEY BETTER NOT! and got really scared. Also, um, what was Gaius thinking leaving that letter out in the open wherre hypothetically anyone could find it? In a kingdom where magic is outlawed, calling Merlin the Greatest Warlock Ever in writing doesn't seem like the best idea. And of course, Merlin just drops and runs out when he's done reading, so who knows who found it.

NIMUEH: I never thought I'd see you here again.
GAIUS: M'lady.
NIMUEH: It's a long time since you called me that.
GAIUS: I come to ask for your help.
NIMUEH: As you did once before, for Uther. You did not like the outcome.
GAIUS: I offer a chance for you to atone for the death of his wife.
NIMUEH: I have saved the life of her son. What more do you ask for?
GAIUS: That this time you take a just price. Merlin intends to offer his life for his mother's. I want you to take mine in his place.
NIMUEH: (laughs) With all my powers of prediction, I could never have fortold this. Gaius the hero.
Merlin galloping threw the forest, set to v. heroic music.

Why should I grant your wish? You stood and watched as our friends burned in the Great Purge. You are nothing but a traitor.
GAIUS: Merlin is the one man who can bring magic back to this land. At Arthur's side he can help forge a new kingdom. A world of peace and beauty that we can only dream of.
NIMUEH: And you're willing to give your life, Gaius, for the future they will bring? (Gaius just gives her a Look) I'm waiting. (More Looking) Are you waiting to die, Gaius? (Look) Gaius?
GAIUS: For Merlin, I will give my life.

Please take note of the Eyebrow of Doom, btw.

Merlin arrives at the Isle of the Blessed, Nimueh is chanting a spell. Gaius is lying, apparently dead, next to the altar.
NIMUEH: Back again so soon, warlock?
MERLIN: What have you done?
NIMUEH: Your mother is safe. Isn't that what you wanted?
MERLIN: Have you killed him?
NIMUEH: It was his wish.
(yelling) I bid my life for Arthur's! Not my mother's! Not Gaius'!
NIMUEH: (also raising her voice) The Old Religion does not care who lives and who dies, only that the balance of the world is restored. To save a life, a life must be taken, Gaius knew this.
MERLIN: It is not the Old Religion that has done this, it is you.
NIMUEH: Come now. We are too valuable to each other to be enemies.
MERLIN: (yelling again) No! I set nothing with you!
NIMUEH: With my help Arthur will become king!
MERLIN: I will make Arthur king, but you will never see that day.
Merlin sends a bolt of fire at Nimueh, who absorbs it in her hand.

NIMUEH: Your childish tricks are useless against me, Merlin. I am a priestess of the Old Religion.
She throws a fireball at Merlin, he ducks it and it hits the wall behind him. He stands back up.
NIMUEH: (holding a fireball in the palm of her hand) You too are a creature of the Old Religion, you should join me.
MERLIN: You think I would join forces with such a selfish and cruel magic? Never.
NIMUEH: So be it.
She throws the fire at him again, and this time it hits him square in the chest. He hits the ground in pain.

NIMUEH: Pity. Together we could have ruled the world.
She turns her back and walks away. Merlin opens his eyes and stands back up.
MERLIN: You should not have killed my friend.
He looks up in the sky and brings conjurs lightning, which he brings down on Nimueh, who blows up or something. The music is v. v. epic.

It starts raining. Merlin runs over to Gaius.
MERLIN: (shaking him) Gaius! Gaius...?
Gaius appears to be definitively dead.
MERLIN: (looking up at the sky in a distinctly Dath Vader-like fashion) NOOOO! NOOOOO!
Merlin starts crying. But then Gauis wakes up!
GAIUS: (really groggy because he totally just came back from the dead) Merlin?
MERLIN: Gaius! Gaius, you're alive!
Merlin hugs him and it's really sweet.
GAIUS: What did you do?
MERLIN: Nimueh's dead. The balance of the world has been restored.
GAIUS: You amaze me. You've mastered the power of life and death itself. We'll make a great warlock out of you yet.
MERLIN: So you believe in me now?
GAIUS: I..I would if you..if you could stop this blasted rain!
They laugh. More epic music.
THE GREAT DRAGON: Merlin! Nooooo!
Morgana wakes up from a nightmare.




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