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Because I am clearly still procrastinating. :/

Think about fandom. What is it when you boil it down? It's a bunch of people who are slightly insane obsessing over their favorite books, movies, tv shows, video games, etc. And every fandom has their idols - the people somehow related to that book, movie, tv show, whatever which those slightly insane people obsess over in varying degrees. The most famous examples of these idols I can think of at the moment include Joss Whedon, Kristen Bell and Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki.

So we all know one of the major aspects of fandom is totally drooling over all the eye candy that we view on our screen. And usually, as the current [livejournal.com profile] picspammy challenge has taught us, this usually leads to declaring whoever we find the most drool-worthy our ~favorite person ever. So then there's this great flurry of information that starts to emerge about this person - pictures of appearances on the red carpet, YouTube videos of interviews, special features on DVDs and we build up in our minds this image of who this person is and the more we learn about them, the more ~~awesome they become. We fall in love over and over again with each new video, each new photoshoot that emerges. 

So what happens if they turn out to be a dick?

When an actor or actress has become established and has an army of fangirls/boys, other, contradictory bits of information start coming to light. Some guy whose girlfriend works on the set of whatever show hunts down a message board for said show and says his girlfriend says our precious actor is an asshole. A fan feels brushed off during a visit to set and comes back to whine about on Livejournal, or some other mode of communication between fans. Personally, I've seen Jared Padalecki called "a douchebag" as well as Tom Welling and even known people to go as far as to say that the reason the Smallville DVDs haven't had gag reels since season three is because Tom takes himself too seriously and doesn't want his screw ups made public.

So, are these allegations true? I like to think that they're not, just because I love Tom and I love Jared and I like the idea I have in my head of them being ~~awesome. But then the question arises - does it really matter either way?

Think about it. The person we squee over isn't the actor as a human being who has their off days and, yes, their moments of bitchiness and is possibly something less than perfect. It's the perfect, nothing that isn't awesome version that we as a fandom have built up in our minds. And if they're not that person, ignorance is bliss and hopefully we will never know.

So, I guess my point is this: to the ass who's going to come into our little world here on the Internet and try and shatter it with the ~~truth, we don't want to hear it and we're not going to pay you any heed. And it doesn't really matter. So just let the fangirls be happy, in ignorance, if need be.
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