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This whole thing has probably been building since Turbulence really and I probably shouldn't pretend I don't have a bit of a shippy agenda here, but I've tried to remain as objective as possible, and I still see issues which I think needed expressing, so here goes.

The first time I heard about the impending Jimmy/Chloe/Davis triangle, back around July, my first thought was OH GOD PLEASE DON'T GIVE CHLIMMY MORE ANGST LET THEM BE HAPPY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. My second thought was "Again with the triangles, SV? Seriously?" and my third thought was "Chloe/Doomsday? UM, NO." and that remained the key reason why I found myself completely unable to get behind that ship for most of the season, despite the fact that I recognized the chemistry Allison and Sam had around the same time everybody else noticed it, which is why I didn't totally hate them. But I was really taken aback by the way the rest of the fandom just completely gobbled them up. I'm seriously astounded by how many people seem to absolutely love them and don't give a shit that Davis Bloome, despite looking like Sam Witwer and appearing to be the nicest guy that's been introduced on this show since Clark Kent himself, is still DOOMSDAY. But you know, whatever, I'm used to being unpopular in my Chloe shipping ways and it didn't seem like I had any reason to stop now.

But then Jimmy and Chloe broke up. And I was upset about that, because they're my second favorite romantic ship on the show blah blah blah, but more than that, as a Jimmy fan I wasn't happy with the way they made him look in dumping her. I thought that in that episode (Turbulence) he jumped from getting married to Chloe IN THE LAST EPISODE HE HAD APPEARED IN to saying marrying her was the worst mistake he'd ever made and it all was so sudden and he overreacted so much to the situation at hand (Chloe  being inclined to believe that he was imagining things about Davis while supposedly over medicated) and it just left my head spinning. And that has only become even more pronounced. In Eternal, he sounded like a psycho based on what Chloe said about him. So bascially what I'm trying to say is that I have a huge problem with the way they've made Jimmy look bad (after all the time they spent in the first half of S8 fixing some of the character flaws people had been complaining about since he came on the show, too!) for the sake of a break-up so soon after that ship's WEDDING.

AND THEN. It became very clear to me during Eternal why PS3 broke Chlimmy up. They needed to make way for Chloom, which they knew they wanted to peruse towards the end of the season. Well, fuck that. Seriously. They broke up a ship which had been together for three seasons, WHO HAD JUST GOTTEN MARRIED (I keep emphasizing this because SERIOUSLY MARRIAGE ISN'T SOMETHING PEOPLE ENTER INTO LIGHTLY AND/OR FLIPPANTLY) so that they could pair their leading lady with the character who is famous for killing her best friend and generally causing mass destruction and being a supervillian. That's what just happened. And I don't know about any of you, but I am not alright with that. Especially since, based on that last scene in Eternal, Chloe is now going to be harboring someone she knows to be a serial killer who's destined to kill Clark. Um, what? The Chloe Sullivan I know absolutely does not aid people who are a potential danger to Clark in any way. And I'm not saying she should necessarily kill him or even want him dead, but Chloe wouldn't help him. So now PS3 are not only mangling Jimmy for this arc, but Chloe as well.

So I guess I'm just saying that this whole thing seems to me to be yet another example of unnecessary drama and character manipulation from Smallville. I'm getting quite fed up with the storyline already, and it's barely even begun. I don't want to see Chloe go down the path she's going on, or Jimmy get burned at the stake even more than he has been in the past, or see Davis' usually sterling character (I seriously think he's one of the best things to happen this season, regardless of my shipping preferences) tainted by this ridiculous love triange, which comes off even more forced than Clexana did back in S6. At least that had been building for seasons upon seasons, this has progressed from a slightly interesting subplot to what the entire plot of the show is turning on in about three episodes, two if you don't include Hex, which Davis wasn't in.
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