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Birthdate:Dec 4
hic amor, haec patria est.
Celeste. 19. fangirl. college student.

the beatles. smallville. doctor who. torchwood. merlin. chuck. how i met your mother. heroes. fringe. pushing daisies. supernatural. lost. dollhouse. harry potter. star wars. secret diary of a call girl. nevermind the buzzcocks. buffy the vampire slayer. the black donnellys. veronica mars. superman movieverse. happy days. general hospital.
clark/lois. jimmy/chloe. pete/chloe. bruce/chloe. oliver/chloe. oliver/tess. oliver/lois. oliver/dinah. jonathan/martha. clark/lana. doctor/rose. jack/ianto. owen/tosh. rhys/gwen. merlin/arthur. merlin/gwen. arthur/morgana. chuck/sarah. awesome/ellie. barney/robin. marshall/lily. peter/claire. nathan/nikki. peter/olivia. ned/chuck. emerson/olive. alfredo/olive. sam/ruby. sam/jess. john/mary. desmond/penelope. charlie/claire. jack/kate. sawyer/juliet. ron/hermione. harry/ginny. neville/luna. james/lily. han/leia. ben/hannah. angel/buffy. willow/tara. xander/anya. oz/willow. xander/willow. spike/drusilla. tommy/jenny. piz/veronica. cassidy/mac. chatchi/joanie. jason/courtney. sonny/carly.
credits: profile layout profile banner sv .gif paul .gif header journal layout

I am the Chloe Sullivan of livejournal.

the hillary to my barack. // the lois to my chloe. // the tommy to my jenny.
the arthur to my merlin. // the smallville to my omg!squee. // the TARDIS to my doctor.
the emerson to my olive. // the anya to my xander. // the clark to my chloe.
the sayid to my awesomeness. // the lois to my jimmy. // the clark to my pie.
the john to my paul. // the gwen to my morgana. // the daniel faraday to my black tie.
the impala to my dean. // the merlin to my gwen. // the lily to my marshall.

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