A few months ago, I started working on this fanmix. About twenty minutes ago, I decided to finish it. And yeah, I realize that the timing is somewhat, shall we say, unfortunate, but who cares. It's a Clark/Lana mix. Deal with it. It's pretty much the angstiest thing I've ever put together in my life. I tried to trace the relationships through songs, I'm not sure how well I did (this is my first fanmix after all), but I tried.

Oh and you don't get any pretty cover art because I don't have Photoshop anymore and GIMP makes me want to pull my hair out. Sorry.

;;how can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?

i'm so hollow baby i'm so hollow i'm so i'm so i'm so hollow. )
+ I'm ~~almost done catching up with Merlin. atm, I'm waiting for megavideo to let me watch the rest of 1x10 because apparently I've watched 72 minutes of megavideo today and have to wait 54 minutes before I can watch 72 more. (It doesn't make any sense to me either.) So far, it is without a doubt the slashiest show I have ever seen. Ever. I mean, I'm really not a slasher by any means and even I am like OH MY GOD THE MERLIN/ARTHUR HAS SLAYED ME DEAD. And Anthony Head's presence still has me all like ~~GILES!!!~~ and the parallels to Smallville never, ever end. Seriously.

So while I'm waiting to be allowed to see what I have great suspicion (please neither confirm nor deny) to be a ~reveal of epic proportions, I give you my pic!spam detailing the parallels, in case anyone didn't believe me.

it's only a model. )

I'm totally officially on Thanksgiving break, btw. I go home tomorrow night. :D



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